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Duban Arnaud

  • Enterprise Europe Network – EU funded network that help companies access foreign market
  • Office de Ducroire – created in 1961, is a public institution that offers mainly two different tools to help Luxembourg exporters in their international activities:
    • Financial support for international promotion;
    • insurance solutions for export and investment risks.

In addition, the Luxembourg chamber of commerce has a dedicated department for the promotion of internationalisation of companies


Mariëlle Brouwer

On this website you can find information about the SME internationalization incentives offered by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency:


Esther Casado Moya

We dont have any report that describes support actions for SME, however I think you can use

To find different actions. Due to the regional distribution of innovation responsibilities, most innovation actions are carried out by regional agencies.


Mjöll Waldorff

Regarding SME support I would say that Rannis and Business Iceland provide the main direct and indirect support for SMEs for internationalization.

Rannis both through grants and through Enterprise Europe Network services and network. Business Iceland through advisory services, access to trade representatives abroad from the MFA and marketing projects. There are changes in the innovation and business support environment in Iceland at the moment initiated by the Ministry of Innovation, so perhaps more initiatives will be revealed in the near future.

Here is a report on the Icelandic Economy 2020 published by the Icelandic chamber of commerce that hopefully is useful to you,
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Hannele Halmetoja

Here you can see an overview of public funding related to internationalization for companies:
and here other public internationalization related services:


Albana Zykaj

Ficheiro word

Ilhas Faroé

Annika Sølvará

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Culture has forwarded your enquiry to the Research Council, which hosts the Faroese Horizon NCP system.

Ms. Mathea Hilduberg, SME NCP and Head of the Innovation Fund has provided the following information:

Faroe Islands is a small and open economy highly relying on trade with other countries all over the world. It is difficult to define an ecosystem specifically for internationalization. Our economy is primarily based on fishery, salmon farming and tourism. To diversify our economy the Faroe Islands wants to give startups, entrepreneurs and other SME´s the best conditions for innovation, development and promotion with the goal to internationalize their businesses. Therefore, we have a range of government funded entrepreneurial hubs, support funds, venture funds, crowdfunding portal and a Research and Innovation Park. Also, we collaborate with several Nordic funds and participate in Horizon Europe as an associated country. Furthermore, we have ambassadors in different regions f.ex. London, Brussels, Tel Aviv,  Reykjavík.  

We have too few private business angels, which can make it difficult for the entrepreneur in the upstart phase.
We are also working on better collaboration between the private sector and the public sector.

Faroese support funds:

Vinnuframi (Innovation Fund): Financial support to all kinds of businesses. There are three programmes: Counselling, development and sales promotion activities.  

Fiskivinnuroyndir (Fisheries Research Fund of the Faroe Islands): Financial support to businesses operating in the fishing industry. 

Granskingarráðið (Research Council Faroe Islands): Financial support to Research, Innovation and Development.  

Visit Faroe Islands: Financial support for innovation and development in the tourism industry. 

Filmshúsið (Faroese Film Institute): Reimbursement for foreign financed film and television production on the Faroe Islands.

Faroe Music Export: Works at an industry level to support the export of Faroese music. 

Nordic support and loan funds

NATA (North Atlantic Tourism Association): Promotes and support cooperation in tourism for the West Nordic Countries: Greenland, Iceland and the Faroe Islands. The fund provides financial support for tourism development and marketing and travel support for schools, sporting trips and cultural exchanges. 

NORA (North Atlantic Cooperation): Financial support to collaboration projects that include partners from at least two of the four countries Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands and coastal Norway.   

Nordic Innovation: Financial support to collaborating businesses in the nordic region.

Vækstfonden: Venture fund in Denmark. In collaboration with Danish banks and financial institutions,Vækstfonden offers loans and guarantees to Danish (and Faroese) companies from all sectors and in all stages of growth.

Entrepreneurial hubs

Íverksetarahúsið (entreprenurial hub): Startups and entrepreneurs can get a workplace,  guidance/counselling and network.  

Hugskotið (entrepreneurial Huh): Startups and entrepreneurs can get a workplace,  guidance/counselling and network.  


Hópfíggingarportalurin (crowdfunding portal:Reward based funding from individuals to finance a new business venture.

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